GLSMC Difference

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The goal of our program is to develop students’ communicative proficiency in the German language and increase academic excellence; to introduce them to the cultural heritage of German-speaking countries, their modern achievements and their contributions to the US; and to offer an experience that helps increase Weltoffenheit.

Learning a second language, particularly at an early age, has many additional benefits:

  • A positive effect on intellectual growth
  • Contribution to greater success in all other academic areas
  • Improved listening skills
  • Enhanced flexibility in thinking
  • Greater sensitivity to other languages and cultures


Student Diversity

Our students vary widely in age and come with different language backgrounds, abilities, and motivations. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate these differences, we take great care to assign students to the classes that will allow them the best opportunity for learning. The age span in each children’s class seldom exceeds two years.  We offer classes for all ages including adults.



Children progress at different rates. Occasionally, a teacher recognizes that a student could accelerate by changing class or track during the semester. Changes must be made through a consultation between the principal, teachers, and the student’s parents, in order to maximize a positive impact on the student’s moral and academic achievement.


Class Size

The average teacher-student ratio is 1:10. Teacher’s aides are assigned to considerably larger classes, or when multi-level instruction is required.



Consistency and study at home is important when learning a new language. Support and exposure at home and with family helps to reinforce and encourage students during the learning process.  Students will be assigned homework weekly.


Language Portfolio

The students will receive a comprehensive language portfolio at the end of the school year. Parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled mid-year.


Letters of Recommendation

We will be happy to accommodate Letters of Recommendation or other documents requested by a day school or college, please contact the Principal for a personalized letter.


Cultural Activities

To reinforce language study and keep learning fun and interesting, students participate in a number of cultural activities throughout the year. Some examples include:

  • St. Martin lantern parade
  • Christmas Celebration with student performances
  • Fasching/Karneval party
  • “Schulfest” with year end celebration