Corporate Education

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The GLSMC offers on-site Corporate German language courses. Such courses would be based on your specific needs.

Courses are administered by one of our qualified German Teachers and they are dedicated for the entirety of the course. Your GLSMC teacher will be an experienced, native-speaking, German business teacher with a strong background in German Language Education (German State Exam for Teaching).

We offer beginner, intermediate or advanced classes. Recommended class sizes consist of 10 – 15 students (of similar language skills). Coursework includes homework and regular testing to monitor progress, according to the EUROPEAN FRAME OF REFERENCES for foreign languages.

Costs would include tuition and transportation. Books adequate for the class level would be provided after evaluation by your dedicated teacher.
Please contact us by telephone at 973-586-3639 to speak with directly with our Principal, Michaela Greco, or email her at: