Why Learn German

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AATG test results can be reported to students’ high schools for inclusion in their permanent record.

In accordance with an AP policy adopted by the German government and universities, American high school students may be admitted directly to German universities upon completion of four AP tests with a score of three (3) or higher.

According to the Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen, the AP examination in German is accepted as sufficient proof of knowledge of the German language for admission to a German university.

Students who pass the Sprachdiplom II will not be required to take the German Foreign Language Proficiency Test, which is normally required of foreign students who wish to study at the university level in Germany.

German is the second-most commonly used scientific language.

German is the language of Goethe, Nietzsche and Kafka.  Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Freud and Einstein also spoke German.

Business and Finance:

German is the most commonly spoken language in the EU.

18% of the world’s books are published in German.

Germany is home to numerous international corporations.

Speaking and understanding German will deepen your knowledge of the culture, and can
improve and expand employment opportunities in the future.

Learning German provides deeper insights into a region that plays a vital role in
central Europe’s intellectual and economic life and cultural history.

Germans account for the largest percentage of tourism in many regions.


German is an American “Heritage Language.” Knowledge of the language allows for the understanding of authentic German texts in family, community, and nation.

American mainstream culture, and way of life, has been markedly influenced by millions of German-speaking immigrants and their descendants.  A vast amount of early records, letters, diaries, and etc. were written in German.

America’s German-language press output was greater than that of all other foreign-language presses combined. (Some newspapers, like the Nord-Amerikanische Wochenpost and the New Yorker Staats-Zeitung are still available today.)

The German ethnic group is the largest in the US. This is confirmed by the 2000 Census, according to which, more Americans claim German “ancestry or ethnic origin” than any other: 42.9 million (15.2%).