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The GLSMC has been in continuous existence since February 1968 as a non-profit organization to engage in, assist, and contribute to the education of students, regardless if ethnic background, who are interested in the German language and culture.

When the GLSMC was organized it faced two tasks: first to become legally incorporated and second, to find quality teachers and suitable classroom space. The School registered its first eighteen students on March 24, 1968.  In May 1968, Chairman Ernst C. Scheja, made a formal request for classroom space to the Morristown School Board. Permission to use classrooms in Morristown High School was granted with the combination of Morristown’s German Language Adult Education Program into the GLSMC.

At the first annual meeting of its members in March, 1969, a constitution was approved and new officers elected.  New enrollment was conducted in September 1969 and 110 children, grouped in six classes, were registered. Accordingly, more teachers were employed under the direction of the Principal Waldemar Evert. In October, the School achieved tax-exempt status under federal and state tax laws.

In March 1970, Gerhard Buech was elected President of the School Board. That September the GLSMC and Administration of Drew University in Madison, formed a German course at the graduate school.  The course focused toward students of Theology, taught under former GLSMC Principal, Waldemar Evert.  In 1971, Ernst C. Scheja was elected President of the School Board. 128 children were enrolled and grouped into seven classes, and 2 adult classes.

GLSMC celebrated its 30th year of teaching the German language on October 24, 1998 at Germania Park in Dover, NJ with Principal Grethe Moeller-Ridley.